Question: How To Get To Mendenhall Glacier From Cruise Ship?

How do I get to Mendenhall Glacier?

Getting Here

  1. By car: An easy drive from downtown Juneau, take Egan Drive and turn right at Mendenhall Loop Road which turns into Glacier Spur Road and ends at the Visitor Center.
  2. By shuttle: For a fee, the Glacier Shuttle is quick and convenient with one leaving from downtown every 30 minutes.

Can you go to Mendenhall Glacier on your own?

While many people go to Mendenhall Glacier with a tour group or on a shore excursion, you can also get to the glacier on your own. You can take a taxi from Juneau, drive to the glacier with a rental car, or take the city bus to Glacier Spur Road and walk the rest of the way (1.5 miles).

How do I get from Juneau port to Mendenhall Glacier?

The Mendenhall Glacier Shuttle The shuttle is the best mode of transportation from the Juneau cruise port to Mendenhall Glacier. I found plenty of shuttles close to the Juneau port outside the Roberts Tramway Ticket Office. For $30, the bus provided a 30-minute ride to and from the visitor’s center.

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How much does it cost to go to Mendenhall Glacier?

There is a $5 entrance fee for 16 & over at the visitor center during summer months (May 1 to September 30) when the visitor center is open from 10am-6pm daily. Winter (October to April) is free (no fee required) and visitor center hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 4pm.

Is Mendenhall Glacier worth seeing?

It is about a 30-45 minute ride from the port of Juneau to the glacier. The glacier itself is free to visit. There is visiting center that does cost a small fee to enter if you want to go inside and talk to rangers and see some interesting exhibits and touch glacier ice.

How much is a taxi from Juneau to Mendenhall Glacier?

How do I get from Juneau to Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area the fastest? The fastest way to get from Juneau to Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area is to taxi. Taking this option will cost $35 – $45 and takes 23 min.

Is Juneau walkable?

Partly due to its geography—it’s surrounded by mountains and water—Juneau is a compact city. So it’s more walkable than most.

Can glaciers form over water?

Glaciers form only on land and are distinct from the much thinner sea ice and lake ice that forms on the surface of bodies of water.

Is the Mendenhall Glacier melting?

The glacier has also retreated 1.75 miles (2.82 km) since 1929, when Mendenhall Lake was created, and over 2.5 miles (4.0 km) since 1500. The end of the glacier currently has a negative glacier mass balance and will continue to retreat in the foreseeable future.

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What do locals do in Juneau?

Glacier views, trails, waterfall, visitor center, rafting/kayaking. Jutting out of the massive Juneau Icefield, the Mendenhall Glacier is one of the city’s biggest attractions. Start at the Visitor Center for info about the glacier, a short video and overlook.

How many cruise ships can dock in Juneau?

Location: Marine Park, Ferry Terminal or S. Franklin Dock are the three cruise terminals of Juneau. Ships may anchor and tender passengers to town when more than three ships are docked.

Where do cruise ships dock in Ketchikan Alaska?

Cruise ships dock right in downtown near the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau. Passengers can easily pick up a map at the Visitors Bureau and spend the day shopping, or taking a walking tour of the historic downtown and/or West End districts.

Is Juneau worth visiting?

Juneau is definitely worth a visit and if you are not planning on returning to Alaska, combining Juneau with Anchorage, Denali and Seward could be a good use of your time.

How do I get to Mendenhall Glacier by bus?

The Mendenhall Glacier Shuttle bus to Mendenhall Glacier is a convenient option near the cruise port that costs $45 per adult return. The least expensive option is to take the public bus to Mendenhall Glacier. The Mendenhall Glacier is in Tongass National Forest just outside Juneau, Alaska.

What type of glacier is Mendenhall?

A relic of the Little Ice Age that lasted until the mid-18th century, the Mendenhall Glacier is an example of a receding glacier (about 100 to 150 feet [30 to 45 metres] a year), displaying raw glacier moraine with exposed remnants of a long-buried forest.

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