Question: What Do I Do With My Empty Room Service Tray On A Cruise Ship?

Where do you leave your room service tray?

In most cases, you’ll place your room service tray outside your hotel room door after you’ ve finished your meal. While you can wait for housekeepers to clear the tray, hotels prefer you call their room service staff and have them clear the tray.

What do you do with your tray after room service?

klfrodo. most hotels tell you to put the tray outside and give room service a call to come pick it up. John Heald, Carnival Cruiseline Brand Ambassador, says to put it outside your door.

How do I return a room service tray?

If you leave a tray in the hallway and it is not picked up promptly, it is not the guest who is being rude, it is the property. Trays should be placed in the hallway, and the hotel should not allow them to remain there for more than an hour.

What are the procedures in carrying tray at room service?

Presentation of Room Service Food and Beverages

  • Confirm that the tray or trolley is being placed where the guest wants it.
  • Set them up where directed.
  • Position the furniture properly.
  • Light a candle, if applicable.
  • Explain the contents of the tray or trolley.
  • Serve the food and beverages.
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Do you tip when you order room service?

Tipping is not required for someone fixing something broken or bringing something missing. Room Service: A gratuity of 15-20 percent should be added if hotel did not include a room service charge on the bill. Server in Restaurant: Tip 15 percent of total bill or 20 percent for exceptional service.

Why is room service so expensive?

According to Bill McGee, columnist for USA Today Travel, a major reason why room service gets so costly is because of all the separate additional fees included on the bill. The service charge and delivery fee, as well as taxes, might add up to a whole lot of extra dollars in addition to the item ordered.

What do you do with used towels in a hotel?

If a towel is too shabby, they’re sometimes cut into rag-sized pieces so housekeeping can use them for cleaning rooms. 100% cotton sheets and towels (without any synthetic fiber) can be composted, and there are companies that take fabric scraps for recycling.

Why one should not place the room service tray or trolley on the guest corridor?

Q5. Why one should not place the room service tray or trolley on the guest corridor? It is the management policy that pest control is carried out on a regular basis and that the Housekeeping Department has an overall responsibility to co-ordinate between the contractors and all departments.

Are hotel towels clean?

Don’t worry, the towels are safe. Hotel rooms look pretty clean on the face of it. ABC News investigated 15 hotels across America, and worryingly discovered that 11 of them failed to remove dirty glasses from rooms, even though they had been used by previous inhabitants.

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Do hotels supply towels?

3 answers. You get bath towels and hand towels but no pool towels. It provides you with 2 bath towels and hand towels in the rooms which get changed everyday when the cleaner comes. But I would take a beach towel or 2 as you can’t take the towels provided out of the room.

How do I order room service?

The guest calls room service directly, or calls the front desk or concierge to be connected to room service. Some guests call the concierge for recommendations on what to order and what the house specialties are. Then a room service attendant, a desk attendant or other hotel staff member takes the meal order via phone.

What is the proper placement on a tray?

The big tray must be carried with two hands. Place the left hand under the centre of the tray with fingers spending out comfortably. Heavy, high and hot items must be closed to your body. Pick up the tray in your left hand, ensuring your palm is in the centre to keep the tray well balanced.

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