What To Do In Costa Maya From Cruise Ship?

Is Costa Maya a good cruise port?

To sum it up, Costa Maya is an amazing port to visit. Not only do you get to dive and snorkel in the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, but you also get to visit the largest Mayan ruins in the world.

Is Costa Maya safe for cruise passengers?

In a word: nope. I would strongly advise against walking between the port of Costa Maya to the town of Mahahual. I wouldn’t say the danger relates to the what or whom you may encounter along the way. The danger is in the road itself, as there really isn’t a safe place to walk.

Is there a beach at Costa Maya port?

The pristine beaches south of the port are natural top attractions for cruise passengers wondering what to do in Costa Maya. Cruise lines, local tour operators and online excursion services offer all types of beach break pakages and many shore excursions combos with the main highlights of Costa Maya.

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Is Costa Maya cruise port open?

Until 2019, the site is open exclusively to cruise line organized shore excursions. Port Costa Maya features a modern shopping mall, central plaza and saltwater pools. The number of expected in 2019 passengers is ~1,5 million.

Is Costa Maya Safe 2020?

In 2020, Riviera Maya has seen a rise in crime making some areas an unsafe destination to visit. If traveling to a tourist destination, staying in a resort and being cautious of where you’re traveling to then there’s no reason that this is a destination in Mexico to avoid.

What is Costa Maya known for?

Costa Maya is a small cruise port located on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula near Belize. It is approximately 130 miles south of Cozumel and is famous for having the largest Mayan ruins and quaint fishing villages.

Is mahahual worth visiting?

But we spent a fantastic few days there recently and would recommend it as a very worthwhile stop off if you are travelling up or down the Quintana Roo coast. For one thing, Mahahual beach is one of the best we have visited so far on our Mexico backpacking adventure.

How far is Costa Maya from Cancun airport?

Yes, the driving distance between Costa Maya to Cancun Airport (CUN) is 342 km. It takes approximately 5h 19m to drive from Costa Maya to Cancun Airport (CUN).

Is mahahual safe?

Mahahual is very safe – Go enjoy! Come listen to the soothing sounds of the Caribbean. Here “life slows.” It’s time to leave the crowds of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum and enjoy the natural beauty and authenticity of this quaint village.

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Is Costa Maya a tender port?

Costa Maya is one of the most popular Western Caribbean ports of call for cruise ships. This port is also beneficial for wheelchair users because all cruise ships dock here, so no tenders are required. This village is located at the end of the cruise dock, and is only a short roll away from your ship.

Are Costa Maya beaches nice?

Costa Maya beaches are some of the best in Mexico, and Costa Maya Village is small and easy to navigate on foot. Many travelers consider it one of the most inviting and comfortable stops along Mexico’s Caribbean side, which is more protected from waves and swells than the Pacific side.

What are the best ruins in Costa Maya?

The Best Mayan Ruins to Visit on the Riviera Maya

  • Chichén Itzá
  • Tulum Archeological Area.
  • Cobá
  • Ruins of Xaman-Há
  • Xcaret.
  • Uxmal.
  • Palenque.
  • Kohunlich.

How many ships can Costa Maya dock?

Developed and opened for cruise tourism by the Mexican government in 2001, the dock at Costa Maya can accommodate three cruise ships at once.

What country is Costa Maya in?

Costa Maya is the new destination for eco-archaeological tourism in the Mexican Caribbean, recently created offers pristine beaches, reefs, and wildlife characteristic of the region, Costa Maya stretches along 28 mi (45 km) of beach that runs from Punta Herrero near the bay of Espiritu Xcalac Quintana Roo to the border

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